Research began in  2013

The Scientific Method

Healing Local Herbs

The healing properties of Malayan herbs are proven by empirical observations and supported by scholarly research papers.

A sample of a research paper

Fresh herbs, seeds, cuttings and plants and dried herbs are available.  Since 2013 the herbs are growth organically in soil fertilized by humus only, then harvested, washed, dried, blended and packaged.

Workshops and Talks on the botany, healing properties and uses of local healing plants (Plant Medicine) are conducted periodically.


Earthing Mats 

Research on the Science and benefits of Earthing the human body to the Earth in scholarly reports and on traditional practices of Grounding, resulted in a hand crafted GOODNEWS Earthing Mat (GEM)  in October 2018. Since then based on customers' feedback improvements have been incorporated in ongoing better versions.


Colour Puncture Therapy

The application of light of precise colours (frequencies) onto the accu points of the face after activation by massage and the application of "living water (small clusters of molecules).


Nourishes the organs with Bio Photons

Releases stress and induces sleep

Improves facial looks, for some observable

Each Therapy session is 45 minutes


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